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Who am I and why should you choose me as your coach?

Did you know that choosing your coach is a matter of chemistry, resonance and instinct? Trust the process and let your heart guide you.

Hi, I'm Ana, and I have decided to become a coach out of a deep calling to help people like me, dealing with perfectionism, criticism towards themselves, difficulties in "saying no", desire to help others and being natural "givers" while "forgetting" to put themselves on their priority list. 
After experiencing a burnout that left my body paralysed in 2010, paired with losing both my parents, two years apart, my life took a radical shift towards prioritising my mental and physical health. 
I realised that I had to entirely hardware my mindset if I wanted never to go back to the same hamster wheel routine that kept making me sick:  I was a workaholic, running high on adrenaline, feeding on external validation, a perfectionistic in everything I did and my toughest self-critic.
I did not know how to relax, detach from work, and meditate, which was a strange term for me. Besides this, I was a people pleaser, finding it hard to say NO or set healthy boundaries between my private and personal life.


Ana-Maria - Quality Manager working in the Pharma Industry in Switzerland
I confirm that I have been part of Ana Hüni`s productivity and leadership training program. The training had a 3-month duration and included both group and individual coaching sessions. A few subjects approached in Ana`s 3-month program were: setting up morning and evening rituals, waking up at 5 AM to start the day with myself and for myself, planning, evaluating and reviewing my days, impactful communication, techniques for enhanced productivity, work – life balance, mindfulness techniques for burnout prevention, becoming aware about the roles one plays every day as a leader, lifestyle design.
The training, together with the weekly group coaching, helped me a lot to set up healthyboundaries between my personal and professional life. It has also brought me clarity regarding my professional short-term and long-term goals.The additional individual coaching sessions with Ana gave me the power to take the hard decisions I knew I needed to take in my life. I cannot recommend Ana well enough as a trainer, coach and mentor. I deeply felt her genuine desire to support my change process, in my own rhythm. She has a presence that motivates you to work on reaching your wildest dreams. She was interested in all I had to say, she listened and motivated me to express myself. It was not only a leadership abilities improvement training, dealing with developing efficient work habits and focus on goal achievement, but a life improvement program as well.
Patrik - International Manager working in the Humanitarian Support Belgium
I came to coaching without much in terms of expectations, if not scepticism; I was wondering how someone I don't know could really help me understand what I thought I understood already well… but Ana has done an excellent job in opening my eyes by asking the right questions at the right time. She helped me see my reality with a fresh perspective, forcing me to go deeper in my own thinking to try and make the best out of an upcoming situation of change. I'm really grateful for this opportunity and warmly recommend her


Goolnosh - Project Manager working in the Humanitarian industry in Iran
Ana is a very sharp and smart coach, introduced and matched the requirement of my working environment through The Humanitarian Coaching Network (HCN). she is a very careful active-listener and led me smoothly to look at a bigger picture of my professional life.

She supported me to find the most feasible approach to my problems in the workspace, leading me to plan my professional development and have a vision for my future career. This approach shed a light on my self-development and helped me to realize a work and life balance, emphasizing on securing timeslots to focus and personal development.

Ana shared relevant professional tests, articles, and books with me that suit my burned-out condition and encouraged me to explore more deeper into my working habits and characteristics, accepting it and planning with a brighter vision accordingly. The agenda and topics of each session was fully selected and led by myself. She helped me to find out ways to explore my inner strengths and invest on them. One of the truly useful coaching sessions that I had with her was the simulation of a job interview in which, she mentored me on how to manage an interview successfully.

Overall, Ana is very committed to her work and to her clients. The coaching sessions with Ana was truly constructive and I will continue utilizing tools and techniques I have learnt from her.

Alexa - First time manager in IT in Netherlands
I had the pleasure to work with Ana on coaching. How I would describe her? Warm, empathic, with very good energy. What I've got from my cooperation with her? Motivation and courage to start my plans. Sometimes we don't realize it, but inspirational words from the right person are life-changing. Keep motivating and inspiring people!