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I am a Certified Executive Coach and Mentor by both the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), accompanying leaders and teams to attain their most ambitious goals. I am the creator or co-creator of two long term transformative coaching programs, as well as many workshops, training and webinars. As well, it is my pleasure to build custom made programs for international organisations or combine my coaching and mentoring skills with my know how. Let us talk about your request.

One to one coaching

One to one coaching is a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop yourself in a short time interval. If you have ambitious or urgent goals, that maybe seem impossible to attain at this moment, it would be my pleasure to accompany you with it.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 600 hours of coaching and over 1000 of mentoring, working with individual leaders, companies and entrepreneurs, all over the world, to support them reach their most ambitious personal or career goals, mental health goals, mindset change goals and so on. From what I am concerned, there is no limit, impossible or tabu when it comes to your coaching subjects!

First step is booking a free chemistry call with me, to see how we can work together and if we are a good fit. Hope to meet you soon in one of my next coaching session.

Executive coaching

I have worked over 15 years for corporations and non profit organisations active in industries such as IT, document management, having the luck to "climb the ladder" with every new position I occupied, up to a board advisor position.

As a Professional Certified Coach by ICF - the golden standard in coaching worldwide, it is my passion to support leaders and managers, with 1:1 executive coaching sessions, assisting them in building essential capabilities that will allow them to perform at the highest level, while enjoying a good mental health and work - life balance.

My coaching style is gentle but challenging (when allowed), encouraging my clients to work on themselves and find the answers within. I am committed to supporting my coachees fully with all the resources, know-how and recommendations they might need in order to thrive, giving them above all, the gift of being fully present for them and listening to them with no judgement.

Team Coaching

As a certified Team Coach by E.M.C.C., I accompany international and culturally diverse teams with their current goals, no matter how ambitious or impossible these might seem.

A few examples of goals worth working on are: attaining ambitious financial results this semester, working more efficiently and effectively together, solving conflicts of all sorts, finding your team or group identity, towards common goals, work and responsibility division in the team, understanding leadership skills, working towards mental health goals, conducting shorter and more efficient meetings and so on.

Book a chemistry call with me here to understand how I can be of service.

Programs and workshops

Since 2018, when I started my journey towards becoming a professional coach and mentor, I have created many tailored workshops and trainings for organisations, groups or teams with different goals.

But what I am mostly proud of are my two long term transformational programs one focusing on Self-Leadership Skills for women, and the other on Mental Health in organisations with focus on prevention.

It would be my pleasure to create a custom made program for your organisation or run either of these two programs, for your leaders and managers.

Please book a call with me to discuss your organisation or team goals, so that I could recommend or create the best one for your needs, considering the end results you want to obtain.